Math Ed Around the Web – July 2017

Education articles from the past month that caught my eye.

One of my favorite articles was by a parent of a student with an IEP who wanted her son to be challenged, all our students deserve to be given the opportunity to learn at the highest levels. I also enjoyed reading about how good teaching can be messy; a teacher reflects on a classroom observation after the observer remarked being surprised the teacher let her see that class.

  1. The debate about school vouchers is complicated.
  2.  Strong math skills give people an advantage in life.
  3. The struggle of teachers with student loans is growing.
  4. Special Education students should be challenged too.
  5. All preschoolers should learn math.
  6. Good teaching can be messy.
  7. New Hampshire is exploring performance-based assessments.
  8. Virginia is considering changing graduation requirements.

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