My favorite resources for ideas and activities to develop number sense, reasoning, and creativity.

Solve Me

Great site with three different fun activities that are all about problem solving and algebraic thinking. These games are addicting!

Visual Patterns

A collection of visual patterns; determine what the next in the pattern is, what the 100th case is, and what the n-th case is. Introduces algebraic thinking in a visual way.

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Collection of puzzles to prompt discussions about which one doesn’t belong. There is no right answer to these – in order to be right you have to justify your reasoning. Awesome!

Would you Rather…?

Collection of questions that begin with “Would you rather…” that requires discussion and justifying reasons. Again, no right answers; just communicate your reasons!

Estimation 180

A picture a day asking to estimate some quantity between a guess too low and too high. Builds communication and reasoning.

Graphing Stories
15 Second videos to graph what happens. Helps strengthen connection between abstract and concrete.