My favorite TED Talks about math & education – hope you find some ideas and inspiration.

Jo Boaler: How You Can be Good at Math

There is no such thing as a math person; Professor Jo Boaler goes on to explain the new brain research supporting that everyone can learn math. She advocates for a different kind of math experience for kids.

Dan Finkel: 5 Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching

Mathematical thinking is one of the greatest tools we can give future generations; Dan Finkel explains five principles needed to teach powerful mathematical thinking in our classrooms.

Angela Duckworth: Grit – The Power of Passion and Perseverance

What characteristic is the strongest predictor of individual success? Professor Angela Duckworth explains her theory of ‘grit’ as the power of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of long term goals.

Dan Meyer: Math Class Needs a Makeover

Students today are being robbed of learning the most important skill: the ability to decode and solve problems. Dan Meyer shows how we can give math classrooms a much needed makeover.

Conrad Wolfram: Teaching Math with Computers

Math is not equal to calculations; it’s a much richer subject. Conrad Wolfram talks about how we can use computers to change where we spend our time teaching math.

Sir Ken Robinson: 3 Required Principles for Students to Flourish

Sir Ken Robinson has many engaging TED Talks about education; here he discusses the three principles we must understand in education for students to flourish: diversity, curiosity, & creativity.