I believe:
All students can learn math
Math is creative and open
There is no one way to solve a problem

I offer math tutoring and homework help to students in Oakton, Vienna, South Riding, and the surrounding areas. Spending the last 6 years teaching math in a variety of environments has allowed me to see the big picture of math education. It is crucial to have a solid math foundation to build upon and number sense as a guide.

If your child is struggling in math – I can help. I teach math in a way that makes sense. Developing number sense and confidence are primary goals when I work with students.

Math is sequential, building on prior knowledge. Connections between concepts allow students to be creative when approaching new problems. Math becomes a web of tools with multiple access points to get started. Without these connections math is like climbing a ladder, students have missing rungs and cannot move on past their gaps in knowledge. Personalized instruction will fill in the gaps and foster the missing connections.


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Student Testimonials
  • Ms. LaBeau was very knowledgeable and patient. She explains things in a very simple and easy to understand way. She really knows her material and has a wonderful attitude about teaching Math.
  • Ms. LaBeau is an excellent teacher.  She helped me learn from my mistakes and most importantly gave me the skills and confidence to succeed on my own.
  • Ms. LaBeau is super nice, easy to talk to, and really knows what she is doing. Whenever I had a question or didn’t understand something (which was frequently) she was super nice about it and explained it really well. I always understood what I was doing after having her go over it with me.